It’s all about the process.

how does it all work

Days go, and you begin to realise that it’s all about the process. So many things start to happen that you have no time for anything. You spend more and more time at school. Come early in the morning and leave late in the evening. IMG_7539 You have lessons. IMG_7490 IMG_6980 Then you go to the shop, buy all the stuff for writing and start to practice. IMG_6959 First of all, writing with a brush. You write at school. You write at home. Everywhere 🙂 IMG_7289 IMG_6956 IMG_6963 IMG_6945 IMG_6946 You also write with a pointed nib. First week just all types of lines. Then you can start to write words. IMG_7010 IMG_7012 IMG_7016 Another important thing, apart from practise, is watching. You should look around as much as you can. Look for interesting books and letters. The more you see, the better. First of all, you have lectures where you see lots of everything. Supernice, but if we are told about something, we can see it live. It’s a totally different impression, when you look at the book in reality, not on the screen. Thanks to Jan Willem Stas for that. IMG_7390 IMG_7051 IMG_7054 IMG_7029 IMG_7025 IMG_7045 IMG_7046 IMG_7047 IMG_7067 IMG_7096 IMG_7098 IMG_7071 IMG_7070 IMG_7075 IMG_7084 IMG_7411 IMG_7091 IMG_7092 IMG_7106 IMG_7125 We have excursions too. Amsterdam Special Collections last week, Gemeentemuseum next week. IMG_7253 IMG_7186 IMG_7189 IMG_7194 IMG_7198 IMG_7210 IMG_7212 IMG_7213 IMG_7458 IMG_7232 IMG_7238 IMG_7259 IMG_7269 School library. They have an amazing second floor there. And many-many books about everything. IMG_7378 IMG_7353 IMG_7359 IMG_7360 IMG_7363 When you look at things you always see something interesting for your work there. For example, I found a book on the flee market. A Baedeker guide around Paris, 1907. It has really amazing engraved maps. So I tried some of the letter shapes from there for my writing with a pointed nib. IMG_7428 IMG_7423 IMG_7424 IMG_7339IMG_7391 IMG_7392 Now we gradually move from writing to drawing. But writing is a basis. Our first assignment looks like this. We take a brush, and write HO aeon (b, d, p, q) gost. Then, we use this writing as a skeleton for our drawing of these letters. Normal contrast. So you write first, then draw the pencil outlines on marker paper (it is transparent), then revise spacing and draw again with a black marker.

IMG_7285 IMG_7520 IMG_7501 IMG_7495 IMG_7511 IMG_7533 IMG_7519 IMG_7515 Lots of work, but at least we still have time on the weekend to go somewhere and enjoy Holland 🙂 IMG_7154 IMG_7183 IMG_7180 IMG_7441

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