Letter walk

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The Netherlands

Winter, go away! We all want sun and good weather back. September was so nice, so warm, so sunny! These are pictures from good old times. Letter walk day, with our amazing stone carving teacher Françoise Berserik.

IMG_7747 copy IMG_7711 copy IMG_7716 copy IMG_7720 copy IMG_7724 copy IMG_7725 copy IMG_7727 copy IMG_7729 copy IMG_7732 copy IMG_7734 copy IMG_7736 copy IMG_7739 copy IMG_7740 copy IMG_7743 copy IMG_7744 copy IMG_7753 copy IMG_7761 copyIMG_7766 copy IMG_7769 copy IMG_7772 copy IMG_7777 copy IMG_7778 copy IMG_7791IMG_7796IMG_7800

Françoise goes with t]m students around The Hague, shows letters and tells stories about them, about the buildings, about the city. We also have a special place to visit, Florencia, but this is a t]m secret 🙂

IMG_7765 copy

Door of one of our teachers, Erik van Blokland.

IMG_7776 copy

There are many nice things in The Hage, not just letters!


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