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Dutch Design Week

In Russia, where I’m from, everyone is talking only about crisis and politics right now. Some people panic and claim USSR will be back soon — cold war, no one has no food, no internet, no nothing. Some pretend everything will be ok — well, […]


Let the school year begin

Second week in Holland, first one in KABK. Meet our group, t]m 14/15! We spend more time at school, but it’s not that busy yet. ATypI conference, most of the teachers are there. We’ve had some lessons though. Peter Verheul, writing with a flat brush. […]

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First week

So, it’s your first week, you’ve just arrived. No lessons yet. But it doesn’t mean you have nothing to do. First week is as chaotic as this post. Lot’s of everything, things are not connected with each other. You don’t know where you are, where […]

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First post in this blog will be about portfolio. Because this is where everything starts. When you choose a programme you want to study in, portfolio is the first thing you’ll have to think about. Do you do things which university/school requires you to do? What will […]